Monday, July 23, 2018

Easter Fabric Album

Here I am excited to share this project with you! I've made this for my granddaughter who will arrive in June! I hope she loves it when she grows up to be able to comprehend what it is and cherishes it for years to come! I hope for now that you will like it too!! 

I began making this from a canvas pattern that I had received last year from an Easter kit from one of the Facebook groups I was in. I am glad I saved it! I was able to trace that pattern onto another piece of canvas fabric that I had in my stash. I am kinda shaky and don't cut too straight so my egg might not be too round! I then had some pieces of fabric from another kit I had purchased from a group on Facebook. I had some left over from a previous project and thought the colors where perfect for this project! 

I used Helmar Fabric Glue for this project, this was perfect to use this adhesive!! I adhered my cut out canvas' to my fabric pieces. Then just cut the extra pieces off. I adhered the cut out canvas' to the fabric pieces then just trimmed off the excess pieces off.

Once I was finished with adhering the fabric onto the canvas pages of my album, I began adding a variety of laces. I didn't take photos of this because I knew if you wanted to make this similar project you would add whatever laces you would like for your project , plus it would have taken me more time to finish up my project. I also selected some pearl strands in colors that would look great with the laces. I had a variety of flowers, and just a variety of embellishments I thought would go with my Easter colors!

I had an adorable fabric patch that I had been saving from the kit I mentioned earlier. I also had some other white bunnies I wanted to add to this album. I also added pockets where I would add some paper tags I had from a Maggie Holmes ephemera pack from my stash. 
Everything including the flowers were adhered using the Helmar Fabric Glue. I did however reinforce everything with a dab of hot glue since it would take a little bit for the fabric glue to dry and I wanted to keep working on it without waiting too long for every page to dry completely. One the flat back pearls that I added on the white bunnies and on a couple of other areas on this album, I used the Helmar Gemstone Glue . 

This project was so much fun to make and I love using the Helmar Fabric Glue ! I easily could of also used the Helmar 450 Quick Dry Glue for this project as well but since I don't use the fabric glue too often on my projects I looked forward to using it for this one as I am more of a paper crafter but do enjoy creating with something other than paper every so often! I am a crafter that loves creating with different mediums and having all of these different adhesives from Helmar makes it that much easier!! I hope that you enjoyed this short photo tutorial and maybe you can try it sometime the next time you make something using fabric, laces, that you have been hoarding in that vault! Once again I hope you have a wonderful Easter!!

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