Saturday, March 10, 2018

What's been happening lately

I'm back and want to apologize once again for posting some of my previous projects from the past couple weeks or so late. I've been dealing with having to go once again for the iron infusions that I shared with you all when I was dealing with that in December 2017 onto January 2018.  The doctor says more than likely I'll have to do this every week for the rest of my life since it seems that as soon as I stopped getting these infusions, my body didn't retain the iron and so I was back at square one practically. 

I did some projects towards the end of Feb. but just didn't get the chance to post them on here. In the previous post before this one I posted about my 4x4 canvas I made for Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew project.  I loved breaking into my product package that I had received from Canvas Corp. Here is the video I made sharing all of the goodies I received from CCB. 

I have posted up in one of my earlier blog posts my Feb. project for Helmar Adhesives, I'm also gonna be posting my second project for DebbysSpecialTouch on Etsy for the month of Feb. Which I have been enjoying the Heartfelt creations products.  This weekend I'll be sharing another project I just made for Debby's store also made a project using Heartfelt creations products from her Etsy store. 






Last but not the least of what else is going on I am excited to share that I will be a grandmother once again in June!! My daughter Destinee and her partner Jason are expecting a little girl who is gonna be named Jaylynn! So I'm preparing for that as well. Which luckily includes the magnificent gift I received from my husband and kids . I was given $$$$ to purchase all (4) Prima Marketing paper collections that were just released not too long ago! So I'm looking forward to all of the projects I'll be dishing out for my grandbaby!! So stay tuned and thank you for reading my post today . Luv u all! ~Hugs~ πŸ’–

P.S . In a few weeks I will begin my work from home business selling beautiful jewlery collections from Paparazzi!! Keep Ur πŸ‘€ open for that as well!! 

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