Sunday, April 9, 2017

Feb. & March Mini Albums

Hi crafty friends!! I'm back with another blog post! I would have made it earlier but I was wanting to finish up the album for March so I could post them together. I know that I probably keep repeating what I say about these Mini album kits that I receive from Frank Garcia but I can't stop bragging about them. I love incorporating lines from different Prima collections where I can. For example the Feb. Kit came with some of the newest collection from Prima "Love Clippings"  but I incorporated "Tales of You and Me" in this mini as well. I think this is my favorite to date but I think I keep saying that about all of them lol 
Hope u like what I've made!! 

If you would like to enroll in this monthly kit club, please click the here!


Happy Spring!!! Now this album is super colorful and you actually feel like your in the middle of a field of flowers! This paper collection was not from Prima, but I still loved it!! I hope u like it!! xoxo

I honestly have found that these are my favorite projects to make even though every project I make is made with so much love and it has been such a blessing that I found this amazing way to express myself. I don't only think of it as a "hobby" like maybe alot of people do, I think of it as my therapy for my health issues especially for my depression. So if there is anyone out there that is going thru something like this, I really suggest that you give this a try. You might just surprise yourself like I did! 
Thanks again for reading my blog post! xoxo, Jeanne 

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