Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Winter Series Mini Albums (Nov-Jan)

I am very excited to share the current mini albums that I finished recently. Instead of making and posting each month , I have saved them up and am sharing them with you all. I enjoy being in this montly kit club.  If  you are just a beginner just like me and would like to get an idea of what making a mini consists of and whatnot, this is a great way to start because the kit includes everything you need with the exception of the adhesive, paints, any kind of tool you might need and so on. It even includes the sturdy chipboard album that you paint and then adhere the paper to it. Very simple and full directions on how to make it!! Here is my Nov. , Dec., & Jan. Kits!
                                            NOVEMBER 2016

 Even if you already know how to make mini albums, this is a great way to making a quick gift maybe and you can make it how you like. That is how I like to make mine. They go on sale on the 1st day of every month. Here is the Link to these kits and I hope you will try even just one, they are addicting!! 

                                        DECEMBER 2016

I did forget to mention also that usually before these 3 months past, Frank Garcia a designer for Prima Marketing and who these kits are supplied by. He had been sending Prima products then he asked our group on facebook if we would like for him to use other products to see how we like them! I must say while I loved using different products, I will always love Prima collections . I'm thinking I like them because they all somehow to me , all are compatible in colors , designs, in one way or another. This is my opinion, I don't know how others feel but that's what I like. Anyhow on to my last one for this post!

                                             January 2017

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