Monday, February 20, 2017

Valentine Card for Hubby

Hi crafty friends!! I'm back with this Valentines Card that I made my husband for Valentine's Day.  I knew I wanted to make something more on the masculine side. He's not into the basic Valentine colors like red, white, pink, nor I didn't wanna make it with pink flowers etc. 
I seen a card on YouTube when I was searching for ideas on what paper line to use. There was a crafter that had used this same paper collection to make a masculine card as well. So she is who inspired me! If u would like to see her card, check out the link I do hope that you will feel inspired by mine to make one for your love next Valentine's Day! xoxo, Jeanne


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    1. Hi Susan, sorry so late with my response, Idk how I missed it! I'm so glad that u like my card, I had fun making this for my husband. I'm super excited that I was able to find somewhat masuline paper to use. Thanks again!! xoxo