Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Loaded Envelopes 2016 Part I

Hi friends!! I wanted to share this new kind of project that I came across and I immediately loved making these. I didn't make very many but I definetly will be making more this coming year! I hope that you will give these a try if you have not yet tried them. There is also a group on Facebook where they hold swaps, I've been in a couple and received beautiful pieces.  That group is run by Ana (LaceBoutique1) Torres ,  here is the link to her fb group, I hope to see you join us, Loaded Envelope Galore FB group !  *Note: I had previously shared one of my loaded envelope here in a previous blogpost. Here is the link to that post as well! Vintage Loaded Envelope

  1st Vintage Loaded Envelope

2nd Vintage Loaded Envelope

Halloween Loaded Envelope 2016 Swap

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