Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bridal Headpiece and Bracelet Set

I am back with another project for Gone Artsy, a shop on Zibbet that carries beautiful laces, bling, accessories for weddings, just to name a few. I was very excited to make this Bridal set!! I used one of the silver metal headbands, I used some fabric stiffener to shape and adhere the beautiful applique and then finished it off with this amazing strand of flowered bling. For the bracelet, I had a wide silver bracelet that I have never used so I thought I would put it to use to make a matching bracelet . I used the same fabric stiffener on the other applique that I cut a little bit shorter to fit the bracelet, then I used the last bling flower on the center . I had some flat back pearls with some bling around it, I used a couple for the sides of the flower. 
I tried to model it on myself , it was a little hard because I made it for a bride to wear her hair up. I guess if it was styled nicely it can be worn like a band as well. Anyhow ,  I hope that this was something different than what you have maybe seen before. Take a look at all the amazing products that Deb sells in her shop. Just click the link above!!! Thanks~

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