Monday, June 20, 2016

"Junk journal"

Hi everyone! So I had this post already in my "drafts " so I figured I would start out with this Junk Journal I made while I was on the the Basically Bare Design Team. Unfortunetly they are not open anymore but I was happy to be a part of their team! 
I won't go into too much details being that I am trying to catch up with all of the projects that I didn't get to post on here. As stated on my previous blog post I will be posting my most current projects and will be slipping in some of the ones I was not able to post due to issues with my laptop and health. 
Okay well here it it, this is my 1st ever Junk Journal and I loved making it! I used one of my favorite paper collections from The Paper Studio. 

"Where have I been??"

Hi crafty friends!! I'm finally back! I had taken a short time off from crafting, actually it was mainly due to health issues. I suffer from depression pretty bad especially during the winter season! It kind of bums me out because I love the snow, don't mind the cold too much since I don't really go out during the winter anymore due to my arthritis . Anyhow my term with the previous Design Team was cut short due to them shutting down their company. I really enjoyed being on it! I will gradually be posting projects that I did while on Basically Bare. I didn't post them sooner because my laptop was broken and had no way to edit or anything so it was kinda rough. So you will be seeing me post some projects here and there that I have done along the way. Also some projects that I made up until today! I will be posting those first! So I really hope you will stick with me and I promise not to disappear as long as I did. I hope you find some inspiration as I do with many of you talented ladies! Thanks for being here! xoxo, Jeanne

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Snowflake Tussie Mussie/ 1st Design Team Project for Mama's Treasures on Zibbet

Greetings crafty friends!!! I am super excited that I get to be a guest designer for this month of December for the Zibbet shop Mama's Treasures. I got a great DT package for this month and when I seen the beautiful lace that Rebekah sent me, I knew that I wanted to make something of course Christmas themed and what I like about this trim is that the dangle looks like its got snowflakes on there. I weaved some red ribbon on the top of this lace trim. I added some red rinestones that are in the shop as well. I added some of the dangles from that same lace on the bottom of the tussie mussie with some rinestones hanging from there. I added some red trim from my stash with some white flat back trim. The final piece I added was a home made red flower that was given to me in a secret santa package from xmas last year. I hope that you can have fun making these to give gifts inside of them. xoxo

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Steampunk Album

Hi all! I'm back with some more projects that I'm gradually trying to catch up on this blog. Its been difficult ever since my laptop gave out. Anyhow this here project I made for Basically Bare Design Team. I love this album that is called Delightful Doors, I love it cuz it looks like a gatefold album, you can take it apart just like I did and rearrange the pages inside of it just like you can with many of the other spiral albums. I also used a combination of Graphic45 Steampunk Debutante and Marion Smiths Nirvana and Timekeeper. I tried to put all pictures in some kind of order. Please take a look at all the products at Basically Bare

Halloween Top Hat for Gone Artsy

Me again! This is a project that I did in a Live Ustream Class for the Zibbet store Gone Artsy where I am currently a guest designer for. The class was back in Oct. but by know am sure you are all aware that I was just able to get on a real computer to update my blog. Tomorrow I will be updating my videos on YouTube. Anyhow I had a great time during this live class and I want to Thank everyone who joined me. I had a paper mache top hat that I knew would be easy and fast to make. I used black felt, some black cheese cloth and some great laces from Gone Artsy as well as some from my stash. I had won the skeleton from another live class I attended . The mask is from GA as well. I took apart some red nagorie goose feathers for the sides of the mask. ~Thanks for taking a look at my project!! xoxo

Bridal Headpiece and Bracelet Set

I am back with another project for Gone Artsy, a shop on Zibbet that carries beautiful laces, bling, accessories for weddings, just to name a few. I was very excited to make this Bridal set!! I used one of the silver metal headbands, I used some fabric stiffener to shape and adhere the beautiful applique and then finished it off with this amazing strand of flowered bling. For the bracelet, I had a wide silver bracelet that I have never used so I thought I would put it to use to make a matching bracelet . I used the same fabric stiffener on the other applique that I cut a little bit shorter to fit the bracelet, then I used the last bling flower on the center . I had some flat back pearls with some bling around it, I used a couple for the sides of the flower. 
I tried to model it on myself , it was a little hard because I made it for a bride to wear her hair up. I guess if it was styled nicely it can be worn like a band as well. Anyhow ,  I hope that this was something different than what you have maybe seen before. Take a look at all the amazing products that Deb sells in her shop. Just click the link above!!! Thanks~

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Vintage Tag and Easel Set

Hi again!! As I mentioned before in a previous post and in my Facebook site, I have been without a computer for a while now and it was very hard for me to update my blog or anything. Luckily my sweet son let me use his computer to do so ! 
So this next project I want to share with you is my 3rd Design Team Project for Basically Bare. They carry a broad range of albums you can take apart, paper the pages. I enjoyed making this set, I combined a tag with a protective box to store it in and the Easy Easel that Basically Bare carries. I do have full description of the process of this combo if you would like to see it at Basically Bare Blog . Thanks~